Dave Fetterman

Technology Leader, Dilettante

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Relocated to Seattle after a decade in San Francisco, and always looking for new projects. I like to learn in the field of information science and to help others learn there too. Sometimes this takes the form of teaching, management, advising, recruiting, or software platform development. My strongest powers are still in engineering management, platform engineering, recruiting, and data.



VP Engineering, 2017-2021

Amperity is an early-stage software company working to address the most pervasive challenge facing consumer brands today. Day-to-day, this means big data lifting, machine learning, making customers happy in the present and thinking about the future of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) area. People, product, process, quality.

Independent advising

Technology Advisor,2009-Present

Actively advised Amperity (ML/big data), Quizlet (educational software), Daybase (coworking), Nylas (email infrastructure), and a few others on technology, management. Hands-on when allowed.


Vice President, Engineering, Head of Famous Labs, 2013-2014

Managed engineering team and process for first release of famo.us (now famous.co) OSS web framework in May 2014 and led subsequent point releases. Original product was designed to enable native-level mobile development using only web technology. Focus on hiring, evangelism, strategy, process, technology, on-site beta program.


Engineering Manager (Mobile, Engineering Hiring, 2008-2012

Mobile: The first manager on Facebook mobile, rode the rocket from 5 million to 500 million monthly actives. Managed engineers building web presence (m.facebook.com), client applications (iPhone, iPad, Android), developer platform support, and pieces of most other areas when mobile was a newer concept at Facebook. Hiring: Spirit animal for engineering hiring evangelism efforts, 2008-2009. Facebook hired around 100 engineers during this growth spurt.

Founder and Software Engineer, Facebook Platform 2006-2008

Started Facebook’s application web service, the Facebook Platform. Got buy-in and small team allocation, wrote original and parts of first release code including the web service, data protocol, privacy, notion of apps and sessions, api.facebook.com, developers.facebook.com, tools, and presence on www.facebook.com. De facto internal and external evangelist. Now in the hands of better engineers. Wrote technical chapter on the architecture in O’Reilly’s Beautiful Architecture, if you'd like to see how it works. Or, worked back then.


Software Design Engineer, 2003-2005

Harvard University

S.M. Computer Science, A.B. Applied Mathematics, 1999-2003

Teaching fellow in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science courses.